The Aqua Mizer® is a Simple, Green Solution to Water Inefficiency

  • Prevent catastrophic flooding

  • Save money on your water bill

  • Use less water with every flush

  • Easily-Installed

  • Eco-Friendly

Save Water and Money with The Aqua Mizer® Flush System

The Aqua Mizer® Flush System is a superior toilet tank innovation that is designed to reduce water usage, improve flush performance, proactively prevent leaks, and stop catastrophic toilet tank floods.

The leak prevention feature alone can easily save up to 75,000 gallons of water a year!

The Aqua Mizer Solution

Use Less Water with Each Flush

When the toilet is flushed, a unique, flat flapper valve opens to a full vertical position, allowing water to exit the tank with minimal obstruction. As a result, the flush velocity is so strong that the bowl can be effectively flushed using as little as one gallon of water. This increase in velocity will easily flush solids with just one flush. This is in contrast to a partially opened standard flapper valve with a protruding bulb that causes a slower flush and uses a full tank of water. The adjustable float feature allows you to set the flush volume to the optimal amount of water for your bowl configuration and drainage conditions. This volume reduction can easily save one to two gallons of water each flush, depending on tank size.

Prevent Damage From Flooding Toilets

The Aqua Mizer® contains a revolutionary protector feature. This patented component will turn off the fill valve if a catastrophic leak occurs, preventing serious water damage from flooding, as well as avoiding an extremely high water bill. If the flapper fails to close, a standard fill valve will not turn off and water will continue to pour into the tank. This can cause a clogged toilet bowl to overflow.

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Now Available! Penguin AM Toilet

The first toilet to pay you back for using it!

The Aqua Mizer® Flush System is a superior toilet tank innovation that is designed to reduce water usage, improve flush performance, proactively prevent leaks, and stop catastrophic toilet tank floods.

Water cost have increased 200% in the last 15 years. The leak prevention feature of the Penguin AM Toilet alone can easily save up to 75,000 gallons of water a year!

Penguin AM Toilet Review

The remarkable Aqua Mizer® Flush System provides a simple solution that dramatically improves the most inefficient water appliance, while saving substantial sums of money. This system will upgrade just about any toilet to a totally efficient, eco-friendly system that simply outperforms anything on the market.

A.D. Binder Plumbing & Heating’s Aqua Mizer® featured by WCIA at the Home and garden Expo

A.D. Binder Plumbing & Heating featured on WCIA with the Aqua Mizer®

Watch the Aqua Mizer® Flush System Video to Learn More

The Proof Is In The Numbers

Take a Look at Our Recent Projects

Spring Creek Towers has saved an average of $1,200 a month in just 9 months.

Spring Creek Towers in Decatur, Illinois is saving an average of $1,200 per month in just 9 months post installation. This property has also saved an impressive 2,330,544 gallons of water.

Spring Creek Towers
Spring Creek Towers
AD Binder Van at U of I Apartment Building
Ashton Woods Apartments sign

The University of Illinois – University Housing saved over $700 in just a few months while testing the Aqua Mizer®.

The University of Illinois – University Housing saved over $700 in just a few months, during a small-scale test after installing the Aqua Mizer® in three apartment buildings.

Kennsington Suites saved over $12,000 in just 18 months with the Aqua Mizer®.

Kennsington Suites in Normal, Illinois installed the impressive Aqua Mizer® product in 128 toilets.

Over 18 months they save an incredible $12,637.89, with a 28% reduction in water usage adding up to 1,231,760 gallons of water saved.

Rutherford Suites

Rutherford Suites saw a 31% reduction in water usage in just 16 months.

Rutherford Suites in Normal, Illinois saved $6,006.06 over a period of 16 months after installing the Aqua Mizer® in 76 toilets. This includes a 31% reduction in water usage, which equates to and amazing 669,420 gallons of water!

Mayor’s Manor saw a 49.7% savings in 8 months.

Mayor’s Manor in Bloomington, Illinois installed the Aqua Mizer® in 28 toilets and saw a 49.7% savings in 8 months. Over 379,500 gallons of water were saved equaling over $3,800!

Mayor's Manor

People Are Talking

“We are a property management company in Indianapolis and rising water costs were becoming an issue that had to be dealt with. We did our research and contacted Aqua Mizer, Inc. and they promised us large percentages in savings and they delivered. We used their toilet flush system and we instantly saw savings that ranged from 15% to 35% and we continue to see savings a year later. Their sale representatives were extremely helpful and sent a person to demonstrate how to properly install the system. He showed up on time, on multiple occasions because we have many locations, and has been extremely helpful. We are extremely happy with the service and the equipment and highly recommend for any business that’s looking to cut costs immediately”

“Addressing the Aqua Mizer® Flush System we are installing them in all our apartment properties throughout the United States.

In our 1st property we secured a 40 percent reduction in consumption and a $34,515.00 in reduction on the water/sewer bill. As the Aqua Mizer, Inc. teams continue to install in our properties we are obtaining 30-40 percent use and expense reductions.

The reduction at our pt property was so high that Miami Dade Water District flagged our account to make certain THEIR equipment was working correctly. Further, our senior executives are very pleased with Aqua Mizer®—the results obtained, the excellent service and immediate response time. The company is extremely client oriented.

The residents have no complaints. Aqua Mizer, Inc. has provided full training to our Front Desk and maintenance staffs to trouble shoot any issue or answer any resident questions.

We are not only pleased by savings so much money but also by lowering our water use footprint. In addition, we do not suffer toilet maintenance issues, do not need to replace flappers, will not experience devastating floods and all such benefits flow directly to the bottom line of our P & L.

Finally, the Aqua Mizer, Inc. teams quickly and efficiently install their equipment so the cost is effective and inexpensive.

Aqua Mizer® is a high return vendor and an excellent investment for any apartment property owner.”

David Parday
Contract/Report Administrator,
Gatehouse Management Inc

“Thank you so much for working with us to get our entire hotel outfitted with the Aqua Mizer® Flush System. We initially started with just a handful of rooms, and our Maintenance Department stated how easy it was to install into the toilet tanks. Since the system could detect tank leaks so easily, since the tank will not fill completely if a leak is present, the savings were almost instant. We quickly decided since the cost was so inexpensive, to completely upgrade all the toilets in the hotel to the Aqua Mizer®.

We do not have a complete savings analysis yet, but we are confident that you and your company have saved us hundreds if not thousands in future water/sewage costs, toilet repairs and possible building repairs due to overflowing toilets.

Thank you again for all of your help and we look forward to working with you again on our next prospective hotel!”

Effendi Fendi
Owner/General Manager,
Comfort Suites

“I live in central Illinois but spend the winters in Florida. I was looking for peace of mind for my house while gone as I’ve experienced the added cost of leaking toilets on my water bill. I called A. D. Binder and they recommended rebuilding my existing Kohler toilets with Aqua Mizer®. Upon my return for Florida I discovered my master bath toilet had a leak but the Aqua Mizer® caught it! I only lost one tank full of water the entire winter in Florida, saving me a large water bill and possibly a water damage mess. I won’t hesitate to recommend this system!”

Mary Ann R.

“I wanted to express my full appreciation of the excellent manner in which the Aqua Mizer, Inc. Engineers and Techs conducted themselves on our 371 unit certification and installation project at Hidden Bay which I manage. The installation, interaction with staff, training and certification were flawless, professional and very exact. Our staff is fully proficient in troubleshooting, maintenance and re-building a toilet as necessary.

The Board of Directors at Hidden Bay were told by Aventura Marina 1 about the tremendous water savings and excellent professional service provided by Aqua Mizer, Inc. The BOD approved the project for the entire Condominium and it has been a HUGE success! The installation for our 3 Towers was expedited quickly and efficiently. Aqua Mizer, Inc.’s install team were very courteous to our residents and explained the system as they went along.

Hidden Bay is very proud to be part of this innovative water savings effort. Your innovative equipment and approach has produced both large monetary and water savings rewards for our owners. For the seven months after installation we have saved over 3,250,808 gallons of water and $41,980.00.

The Aqua Mizer® Flush System will bring savings to any and every multi-family property. We urge all properties to install the Aqua Mizer®.”


Steve Simon
Community Association Manager,
Hidden Bay

“We just finished installing all the Aqua Mizer® Flush System into our toilets. They are so easy and quick to install. The online videos were all the information we needed for a perfect installation.

These systems are fantastic leak detection equipment. We installed them and immediately waited for the water not to fill the tank which happens when a leak is detected. We were able to make all our toilets leak free.

In addition, we know from Mike Moraska at the Westin Pittsburgh Convention Center that the System prevents floods. That will be a big benefit.

Finally, since the warranty lasts 10 years and the equipment is so durable it is already reducing our toilet maintenance time.
Finally, the system is so cost effective and inexpensive, I hope all our Westin’s are offered the chance to implement the same Aqua Mizer® Flush System that we did at the Westin Grand Vancouver.”

Ben Wood
Director of Engineering,
Westin Hotels and Resorts

“As Director of Energy and Sustainability for Extended Stay America, I have seen many products that are designed to reduce energy and water consumption. We have implemented a number of these products at our hotels, and the Aqua Mizer® Flush System is one of the most effective means of reducing water consumption that we have seen. We have installed the Aqua Mizer® in 19 of our properties and have seen great results. It is significantly less expensive than replacing toilets with low flow models, and in our experience, saves at least as much, if not more. In addition, the Aqua Mizer® prevents floods, potentially saving far more water over time, and it carries a 10-year warranty.

The Aqua Mizer, Inc. staff provides excellent pre- and post-installation service and quality control, and they are pleasant and professional when interacting with our guests and staff.

We currently are seeing up to 40% reduction in water/sewer costs, lower maintenance, and virtually no unusual customer response with this Solution.

The Aqua Mizer® Flush System is an extremely beneficial, low-cost answer to reducing water usage and cost and increasing sustainability for our properties and others like them.”

David Crider
Director of Energy and Sustainability,
Extended Stay America Management LLC

“I had to plunge my bathroom virtually everyday. I became so sick of it I started looking for a solution and discovered the Penguin AM Toilet. It’s been installed almost a year now and I haven’t had to plunge it since.”

Rene S.

“I would llke to thank you and Aqua Mizer, Inc. for the marvelous Job they did at DeSoto Palms ALF. The installation team were professional and I had no complaints from residents. In fact a few commented on how they really did not know you were there even, though you were just In the other room.

Since installation we have saved an average of 17% on our monthly water bills. In addition our maintenance crew receives far fewer phone calls to repair bathroom and tollet Issues. Our cleanlng crew no longer deals with cleanup of overflows.

I have spread the word of Aqua Mizer® to other local ALF’s and Nursing Homes as they have a similar population of residents and patients. I know for a fact that one Nursing Home Corporation has already contracted with you after my discussion with them.”

Sy Rablns, DO, MBA
Managing Director DeSoto Palms ALF,
DeSoto Palms Assisted Living Community

“My house is on a well. I am guilty as a girl who doesn’t know much about plumbing. My master bath toilet flapper would stick sometimes and I was worried my running toilet would run my well dry. A.D. Binder Plumbing came out and installed an Aqua Mizer® valve in my toilet and now I don’t have to worry about that problem.”

Jennifer Stern

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